Monday, June 8, 2009

Monday: morning of FAIL

On Monday I overslept and was late for a scheduled daily call, which I did make but had to cut short because I had to get ready for work. Fail one.

I finally popped out of my room and Hoon Eng offered me some grilled pork to make a breakfast sandwich. She also kindly let me make a cup of coffee, made from her nespresso machine. While trying to operate the damn thing, I accidentally dropped a whole mini-cup of unused coffee into the nespresso trash bin -- Hoon Eng had to help me fish it out. Fail two.

Anyway, so I was enjoying my breakfast of delicious strong coffee and grilled pork and fried egg sandwich, when I decided that my coffee wasn't hot enough (I'd added milk) nor was it sweet enough (there's SUGAR here!!! Not that high-fructose corn syrup crap). So I took my coffee cup, went into the kitchen, grabbed the empty jam bottle we're using to store... and since the lid wasn't on tightly, I dropped the bottle on the counter, where it spilled some sugar, smashed into my coffee cup and broke its handle off and spilled all my coffee, then proceeded to fall on the floor and spill sugar EVERYWHERE. Mega-fail!!!

Hoon Eng rushed in and asked if I was okay, which I was. As I told her, thank God she bought a broom the other day.

So quite aside from oversleeping and initially almost losing my coffee, I spent Monday morning having ended up losing my coffee and sweeping sugar and broken glass bits off the floor. I made the 8:15 am van, though!

THEN, in the office, I grabbed the remote for the airconditioner, turned to point it at the a/c unit, and it flew out of my hand, scattering the batteries and the battery cover all over the floor. Final fail!!!

Monday is the second work day here, but still... the Menace of Monday remains...