Friday, June 5, 2009

Meet the teachers -- party in Panchlaish

Tonight we had a little potluck on the roof. It was funny because I was napping and Hoon Eng knocked on my door at exactly 7:30 pm, saying that the party was at 7:30. I knew nothing would be ready yet, but I went up with her anyway, and sure enough, the lights were off, the tables and chairs weren't set up, and no one was there.

Anyway, eventually people streamed in with delicious stuff. There was bruschetta, sushi, Chinese chicken, fried eggplant, funky carrots, bean salad, and on the right is this thing where you poke a hole in the "shell" and stuff it with a mixture composed of potatoes, tomatoes, onions, etc, and then smear it with spicy tamarind sauce. The there are jello shots in the ice cube trays, and homemade chocolate cake.

I ate too much and am now hyper. It's 12:42 am. AAAAHHHHH