Thursday, June 25, 2009

Mamma Mia in Chittagong

Breakfast consisted of the usual: coffee from the magical nespresso machine, fresh fruit (mango and pineapple), yogurt (Tk100 each!!!), and oatmeal. I'm switching to cereal because sometimes the power goes out, and I can't microwave my oatmeal. The stovetop doesn't work too well, either -- it's pretty much set to instant flambe.

There had been a big to-do about the "musical event" at the Chittagong Club, which would host a Dhaka band performing Mamma Mia. I predicted that it would be the greatest experience of my life. We got 2 vans to take us there. The flyer said 8 pm, and although we got there around 8:10, the tables weren't even set up. Obviously. We went outside to lounge on the patio, and I got to use the fabulous dome-ceilinged bathroom where a lady held a towel for me to wipe my hands. Such excellent service. I anticipate being called upon to do this at the office on Sunday.

We were provided with wine at the table. Clever people that we are, me, M, and R strategically placed two children and a cheap date at our table, so as to have less competition for the wine. It worked out beautifully.

The show started, and at first I thought it was just like karaoke, with two girls trying to out-bellow each other. One lady was called Lovely, and the other was Fantasia, and they both wanted a man. Both were good singers. The show was interactive: Fantasia went into the audience and hauled out J, who obligingly went onstage to shake her groove thang to "Dancing Queen." Not to be outdone, Z also ran onstage and danced. Little F wanted to dance too, but he's a boy. We let him take his turn for the next song, with Z as his partner. Z then proudly announced that she had been onstage more than anybody.

Dinner, which was meant to be served with the show, became available at 10:30 pm. I thought of it as a midnight snack and just got a deep fried egg and some rice. SO GOOD. We all had to go outside the auditorium and eat in the hallway.

Anyway, the night ended with "Thriller," and a nice little AUW chain on the dance floor, which by the way was sprinkled with sand. Go figure. I was outta there as soon as they announced "Now for the DJ" and started playing techno. Ugh, that is so, like, 1999.