Saturday, June 13, 2009

Hot hot Saturday

Super hot. Day started with child banging on my door while I was in shower. Thank goodness had foresight to lock door beforehand. Anyway, received red shirt so we matched (must remember to give back shirt -- apparently it's a loan).

Went to our students' Open House too early, so headed out again and did a little shopping. Then back to the Open House, where there was a play/musical about something.

Ate too much at the fair -- was told retroactively that was in fact supporting their cause.

Highlight of the day: popping up behind Annie as she was talking to Alam the shop owner, at which point Alam said to Annie: "Is this your daughter?" Annie is 1 year older than me. She vows never to wear a sari again. I rather think it's the childishness, excuse me, childlike innocence, that I radiate.