Friday, June 12, 2009


Woke up, gchatted, worked out, and off to lunch! Here's a little video of my very first CNG ride:

We went to lunch at an awesomely delicious place -- can't recall the name, but it's right above Khulshi mart. We started with a hilarious mini-game of musical tables because the first room was too hot, and then musical chairs because I didn't like having the A/C on PLUS the fan right at my back -- felt like a JLo video with my hair all over the place.

As I am trying to defeat my lactose intolerance, I ordered lassi, which is apparently pronounced "lachi" here. We did family style, so we all had paneer pakora, chicken karai, shrimp and veggies, and 2 helpings of butter naan. Everything was delicious. Yum yum.

Then we popped by the Khulshi guest house for a bit (nice rooms!), where the then-academic team were in labor over the Access Academy for a loooong painful time last year. Mama, here is a slideshow of the plants they have here (very similar to ours back home!):

Then back across the street -- we're all getting the hang of it -- to Khulshi mart for groceries. I bought some clothes pins (sapin) because I've now started using the clothesline on the rooftop, and the wind is so strong that my clothes would get blown off.

Then we went back home and had homemade pizza! The dough was made from scratch using an internet recipe, flattened by means of a vodka bottle, and then placed on a pan so we could each put our own toppings on it. Our topping ingredients: tomato paste, mozzarella, parmesan, pineapple, baby corn (ick), mushrooms, and olives.

I also got a special drink (the others had vodka, eewwww). Mine is rum, and some orange liqueur, and pomegranate juice or something (the carton sad "Blood"). I've decided I'm a beer person, especially after I went back downstairs and was given Grand Marnier and it was so gross. GIVE ME SAM NOW!!!