Wednesday, June 3, 2009

First day in Chittagong

I'm sharing Hoon Eng's apartment in Panchlaish. The place is massive, with a 14' x 14 ' living room, 13' x 13' dining room, kitchen, mysterious narrow room with washing stuff, and three bedrooms. Mine is nearest the kitchen, TV, and wireless router. Here's a picture of my bedroom. I still can't figure out how to put the mosquito net back up like this so I just leave it draped all over my bed. Anyway, I also have a walk-in closet and a tiny bathroom.

We went shopping for the essentials yesterday: household items, groceries, and clothes. You will see below the mysteries of Bangladesh feminine products:
So there's the "panty system," the "belt system," and the "Monalisa belt system." I have no idea what any of them mean, but I'm pretty sure I use the panty system.

For (super late) lunch, we went to a place called King's Confectionary, where I took a picture of this lovely sign:One day I'll type this up or put it on a T-shirt.

Anyway, to cap off the day of hedonism, I got my eyebrows threaded. It cost BDT80, a bit over USD1. AND she was super thorough. Niiiiiiice.

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