Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Altercation + the market

Today's outfit was especially mommylike so I "forgot" to take a photo.

The exciting part of today was when we went to lunch and watched a fight occur right in the middle of a really busy roundabout! This rickshaw-wallah had smacked into the back of this guy's car, and they both got out to look at the damage. Then the punching started! I only got one punch on video, though.

No rickshaw-wallahs were seriously harmed in the taking of this film.

Then we had to cross that damned road. I though the trick would be to have someone in bright pink lead the way, but Annie was squealing too much, so Hoon Eng boldly led the way, in yellow a la Cory Aquino. We elicited an even higher amount of honking than usual (drivers here honk their horns every 2 seconds).

Anyway, after a grueling day at work, where I fulfilled my daily quota of 1 annoying meeting and 1 weeping student (not at the same time), we went to market. We first stopped at the hilltop estate of a lady we knew from last year, and her place was a freaking jungle. I wish I'd taken a picture of everyone's bright shalwar kameez peeking through the lush greens -- it would've been a beautiful shot.

She had a white cat in her home, which we knew was domesticated because her fur was clean and lustrous, she wasn't skittish, and she allowed Zelda to pick her up without a fuss. In fact, she was passed out in Zelda's arms. We clamored for one of her kittens (well, Zelda wanted the cat itself) and Shaheena (hilltop estate lady) promised to look into it.

Then -- the market! Nurse Summer has all the pictures. It was HUGE. Of course, all the sellers were men, and they weren't shy about gathering in a crowd to stare at us. Mama and Mark, remember where you always went to get arowana? The place was like that, only 1000 times bigger. The funniest part was when Zelda announced that she needed to go to the bathroom and everyone went, "Ooof," with uh-oh looks on their faces. Zelda ended up going to a nearby hotel.

I didn't buy anything but the others got fruits and veggies. Then we went home and I went on the treadmill and ate some dinner (like a combo tinola + arroz caldo) and passed out.

Tomorrow's Thursday! Last day of work! Woo woo!